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School Council

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 We recently held elections to decide who would become the school council representative for each class.  Classes voted for their favourite candidate.  Congratulations to the children who have been selected!

Meet the new School Council!

Class 1 - Robert, Class 2 - Tyler, Class 3 - Lauren, Class 4 - Riley

Class 5 - Louie, Class 6 - Olivia, Class 7 - Raveena, Class 8 - Evie

Class 9 - Kai, Class 10 - Phoebe, Class 11 - Archie, Class 12 - Lily CB

At our first meeting we all introduced ourselves.  We had two important things to discuss.  The PTFA have asked us what we would like to make our playtimes even better.  We came up with amazing ideas like swimming pools and trampolines!  We decided to ask our classes and will bring more ideas to our next meeting. 

The second point we discussed was Ipads.  At the moment teachers and TAs have Ipads for taking photos of children working and keeping up-to-date with assessments.  We talked about whether we thought it would be useful for the children to have them.  After sharing ideas about what they could be used for we decided most of us used them at home and didn't want to use them at school too!