Shears Green Infant School

Please have a look at our calendar for up to date information. Our last day of term 3 is Friday 15th February 2019

Happy Confident achievers

Term 4

Totally Terrific Toys!

In term 4 we will continue our learning journey as we dive into the topic of 'Totally Terrific Toys' which will include learning all about the history of toys and how they are made. 

The book we will be focusing on this term is called 'Knuffle Bunny' by Mo Willems.

We started our topic with an exciting visit from a Toy Drama Company. We travelled back to the Victorian times and looked at the sorts of toys children used to play. We also dressed up as Victorian children and pretended to work in a toy factory, looking at how they made different toys, including the different materials used. We compared the toys and materials used then to what we have now. 

We also learnt how to use and play the different toys. It was lots of fun!

One of our favourites was the Puppet Theatre. 

For Creative week class 8 have been focusing on the famous carnival that takes place in Rio de Janerio in Brazil.

Did you know that the carnival lasts for three days?

The Rio Carnival is the result of months of preparation and people eagerly anticipate the start of each year's Rio Carnival.

It begins with the crowning of the Fat King who is presented with a giant silver and gold key by the city's mayor.

As a class we have been preparing our self for our very own Rio Carnival.

We have made masks, neck pieces to wear and we have also made our very own keys to crown the ‘Fat King’.

Take a look at our photos to see how much fun we have had creating our costumes and keys.    

We had a super day dressing up as our favourite characters for World Book Day. Take a look at some of our costumes and see if you can guess who we are.  

We had an amazing morning for our Mother's day activities event when our Mum's, Nan's, Auntie's or special adult came in.

Take a look at our pictures.  

Our book for World Book Day was "The Day The Crayons Quit." Class 5 had great fun acting out conversations between the crayons in the book. We had to pretend to be angry, upset and embarrassed. We really got into character and enjoyed watching each others performances!

We had a super morning carrying out various activities for our Science week.  

There were four experiments that we carried out.

There was an ice experiment in the classroom, where we had to melt an ice cube to find the letter hidden inside! The letters spelt out different toy names. We were set a challenge of not using our hands to melt the ice cube.   

The second activity was creating rain in a bag. We had to put soil and water into a bag and then tape the bag to a window. We needed to let the sunlight work some magic. A little while later it started to rain inside our bags.   

The third activity was outside the classroom where we made a ‘Fizz Inflator’. To do this we needed to use Vinegar, Bicarbonate of Soda and a balloon.

Finally the fourth experiment was also outside and we were making an explosion!  We used Coke and Mentos and watched the bottles ‘erupt’.

Take a look at our photos to see how much fun we had.

We had a few bottles of Coke left over and the teachers carried out a huge explosion with the Mentos and Coke.

Take a look at what happened.  

As part of our D&T project we have been learning how to safely use a Hacksaw. We have also learnt how to use a ruler to measure out 20cm onto a piece of dowelling to help us create our toy cars. Take a look at our pictures to see how we made them.