3P Love Learning Event at Langafel School


Wednesday 4th March 2015, was an exciting day for three year 2 children, as they made their way to Langafel school to be a part of the exciting 3P Love Learning Event, alongside Miss Khan and Mrs Cato. 

It was a day full of laughter, and learning, with the children. They took part in various challenges using the computers. The aim of the game was to be quick!

In the morning the children competed in various challenges, alongside Mr Muhammad Daniel, the Regional Manager of 3P Learning. This included a Maths challenge, using a Mathletics program which tested there mental maths knowledge and a spelling challenge, which they used a program called Spellodrome.

The children were not only learning how to quickly answer Maths questions and spell tricky words, but they were also competing for our school for the prize of first place, as they were working against other year 2 children from other schools.  

They thoroughly enjoyed the morning and also took part in some acting, which lead them to many different places around the world, including the freezing cold Antarctic and inside of a blazing hot volcano.        


In the afternoon the children were very lucky to work alongside the inspirational Tim Rylands who has been described as “an extremely gifted and inspirational teacher, with a love of the creative potential of technology’’. He has over 25 years of classroom experience and took our children onto a magical adventure, one in which they were in control of.

Tim used a stimulating game to excite our children and allowed them to think outside the box to create their very own adventure, which the children loved doing! The adults were also asked to do the same activity and they also enjoyed it. There was lots of acting, drawing, writing and question asking during the afternoon.    


Finally at the end of our busy day the winners were announced for the most points scored in the competition which took place in the morning.

Shears Green Infants School took home the first prize and also took home a silver and bronze medal, as two of our children came in second and third place overall. This was judged against the scores of all of the year 2 children which attended the event that day.

We would like to say a huge congratulations to our very talented children. We are very proud of you!