Year 2 Cyclo Park


10 children in year 2 are enjoying developing their cycling skills, each Friday, at the Cyclo Park.

During week 1 the children learnt how to get on and off a bike safely, stop using their brakes and ride in a straight line. 

Week 2

This week the children practiced control on their bikes by going in and out of cones, cycling next to someone and keeping a sensible distance, standing up and bending down to go under a pole. 

Week 4

We are so proud of all the children they are making fantastic progress.  This week they gained confidence in cycling next to others and how to over take as well as riding with one hand, cycling on grass between trees and getting lower under a bar.  

Week 5

During our final week the children got to cycle on part of the cycling track. The children practiced how to brake safely, ride in a straight line and turn round a cone.  The children have all made fantastic progress with their cycling - well done.