Shears Green Infant School

Please have a look at our calendar for up to date information. Our last day of term 3 is Friday 15th February 2019

Happy Confident achievers


At Shears Green Infant School we take our E-safety extremely seriously. Our Deputy Designated E-Safety Safeguarding Leader is Mrs F Khan.

We strive to be the best in terms of providing the children at our school with the knowledge of staying safe while online.

We believe that we have equipped our children with the skills and knowledge of keeping themselves safe while online.

The children at our school know exactly who to go to if something inappropriate appears or something online has upset and affected them. They are aware that they need to go and tell an adult straight away.   

To ensure that the children understand the importance of staying safe online and how to report an incident we have devised a range of E-safety lessons which we carry out every term to ensure that children are secure and safe while surfing the internet.

We also refer to E-safety on a weekly basis as a reminder and before every Computing lesson that we teach. We check every website or online resource that we use or ask the children to use before the lesson, to ensure that the resources are safe and appropriate to use with our children.   

The children at our school have also been exposed to the CEOP internet safety button. This is for the children to use, especially while at home when they need to flag up a problem while surfing the internet.

Year R read stories on a termly basis to remind children of the rules and how to behave while using the internet. They read stories such ‘Digi Ducks’ and 'Smartie the Penguin'.

Click on the images below to access the stories. 

Year 1 show Hector’s World E-safety video clips every term. There are 6 to watch. They also refer to the 'Smartie the Penguin' story as a recap from year R. 

Click on the image below to access the Hector's World E-safety video clips. 

Year 2  watch Lee and Kim’s adventure to refer to E-safety and carry out the activities once a term. There are 6 main activities and one song and dance session too.

Click on the image below to access Lee and Kim's adventure.  


An E-safety poster is also visually displayed in every classroom for all children to access.

See below for one of the versions of the E-safety posters displayed in the classrooms.