Shears Green Infant School

Tuesday 4th September year 1 and 2 children return to school. Have a lovely break.

Happy Confident achievers

Term 2

Around Gravesend we go! 

Image result for map of gravesend kent

In Term 2 we will learning about our local area of Gravesend.

Image result for gravesend road sign uk

We will be going on local school walks around the school grounds  and learning how to use directional language.

Image result for directional language

 We will also be learning to use geographical vocabulary  to refer to physical features, for example hills and forests. We will also be looking at human features such as houses and shops.

To immerse the children into their learning we will be learning about local history, specifically looking at Pocahontas. We will also be walking to the famous Pocahontas statue and planning the route there before we go.

We will be focusing on a story called Beegu which is about a mysterious creature getting lost in a big city.  We will be helping Beegu find his way home and focusing on feelings  such as feeling worried, scared, lost and anxious. We will be learning how to overcome these