Shears Green Infant School

Reminder - Our Mobile App has gone live - this is available to download from Google Play or the App store. Just a reminder that tomorrows lunch (Wed 21st) will be roast Turkey and stuffing. Creative week: Friday 23rd is presentation day and an exhibition in the school hall. Yr R - 2.30, Yr 1 - 2.45 and Yr 2 - 3.00.

Happy Confident achievers

Term 5

This term our topic is about the farm. We are very excited to be going to Christmas Tree Farm on Thursday 4th May. Please let the class teacher or teaching assistant know if you are able to help out on the trip.


We will be visiting the library and park this term. We will need helpers for us to be able to make this happen. Please ask the class teacher or teaching assistant know if you are able to help when we go on this trip. Thank you.

We had an amazing time at Christmas Tree Farm. We learnt lots about different types of farm animals and were lucky enough to feed them too. Thank you to all of the parent helpers that came.

We have also been learning about farm animals in class. We have been thinking about different farm stories in our talk for writing sessions. The children designed their own farm and labelled each part. They worked very well as a group to achieve this.

We have also been very lucky to have a visitor come to our school from the PDSA. She talked to us about how to look after animals. As you can imagine we have some keen children wanting to become vets when they are older.