Shears Green Infant School

Reminder - Our Mobile App has gone live - this is available to download from Google Play or the App store. Just a reminder that tomorrows lunch (Wed 21st) will be roast Turkey and stuffing. Creative week: Friday 23rd is presentation day and an exhibition in the school hall. Yr R - 2.30, Yr 1 - 2.45 and Yr 2 - 3.00.

Happy Confident achievers

Term 6 2017

This term we will be learning about mini- beasts. We will be learning about the life cycle of a butterfly by watching what happens in our class.  

We will be going on lots of different mini- beast hunts to see what lives in our school grounds. Can you see if any of these mini-beasts live where you live?

We are very excited to be participating in a mini-beast workshop on Friday 9th June. We will put the photographs and work that we have done on the website.

We will be looking at different mini-beast books for talk for writing this term. These include:

Week 1- Superworm

Week 2- What the Ladybird Heard Next

Week 3- The Hungry Caterpillar

Week 4- Doug the Bug

Week 5- Spinderella.

We have had a very busy first week. This week we were learning about how to use clay. We made some very interesting mini-beasts. We learnt about different techniques to join the clay. Can you guess which mini-beasts they have made?

We also had a special visitor talking about different mini-beasts. He brought lots of different mini-beasts to show us. We were very lucky to be able to hold and stoke most of them too.