Shears Green Infant School

Following latest government advice and to allow us to plan please could you email Mrs Kotze on if you are a key worker and would like your child to attend school.

Happy Confident achievers

Staff 2019/2020


         Senior Leadership Team

Mrs H Kotze Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Leader)

Mrs C Holder

Assistant Headteacher Inclusion (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader)

Mrs A Harding

School Business Manager (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader)

    Senior Management Team

Mrs Julie Perry/Mrs S Jacomb Foundation Stage Leaders
Mrs F Khan Year 1 Leader (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader and Online safety Leader)
Mrs K Williams Year 2 Leader
Mrs N Gilbert Maths Leader


Mrs L Styles & Mrs J Perry Class 1

Mrs Coleman

Class 2
Mrs J Perry & Mrs S Jacomb Class 3
Mr D Watts Class 4
Mrs P Thompson Class 5

Mrs R Heartland

Class 6
Miss K Thorne Class 7
Mrs F Khan  Class 8
Miss N Turner Class 9
Miss L Meredith Class 10
Mrs K Williams Class 11
Mrs A Andrew & Mrs E Holmes Class 12
Mrs J Allen


Mrs E Higgins Music Teacher

Support Staff

Administration Officer  Mrs D Smith
Administration Assistant  Mrs C Munday
Education Support Staff Mrs J Shakespeare
  Mrs S Rook
Miss S Panesar
  Mrs C Griggs
  Mrs K Reading
  Miss L Konstantinov
  Mrs C Burnett
  Miss S Datlin
  Mrs S McShane
Mrs K Marden Powell
  Miss J Hooker
  Mrs L England
  Mrs D Fasham
  Mrs C Taylor
  Miss N Hughes
  Mrs T Loydall
  Mrs M Spokes
  Mrs M Bungar
  Ms C Nulvesu
  Miss S Leach
Playground Experience Leader

 Mrs C McAllister


Mid Day Meals Supervisors Mrs J Grain
  Mrs P Kinsey
  Mrs S Tait
  Mrs S Duley
  Mrs D Paulson
Mrs K Marden Powell
  Mrs Bedi
  Mrs R Macey
Site Manager Mr A Pepler
  Mr R Selves
  Mrs S Holden
   Mrs S Tyler
Mrs Z Johnson
Mrs J Kumar
Road Crossing Patrol Mrs S Duley