Shears Green Infant School

Hands......Face.......Space.......Fresh air........ Our updated risk assessment is available under the more tab, parents tab. Under the Parent tab you will also be able to find the NHS Track and Trace Link.

Happy Confident achievers

Staff 2020/2021


         Senior Leadership Team

Ms H Kotze Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Leader)

Mrs C Holder

Assistant Headteacher Inclusion (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader)

Mrs A Harding

School Business Manager (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader)

    Senior Management Team

Mrs Julie Perry/Mrs C Coleman Foundation Stage Leaders
Mrs F Khan Year 1 Leader (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader and Online safety Leader)
Mrs K Williams Year 2 Leader
Mrs N Gilbert Maths Leader


Mrs J Perry/Miss R Cave Brown Class 1

Mrs Coleman

Class 2
Miss C Nightingale Class 3
Mr D Watts Class 4
Mrs E Holmes & Mrs S Jacomb Class 5

Miss A Smith

Class 6
Miss K Thorne Class 7
Mrs F Khan  Class 8
Miss N Turner Class 9
Miss L Meredith Class 10
Mrs K Williams Class 11
Miss E Dyett Class 12
Mrs J Allen

Booster Teacher

Mrs E Higgins Music Teacher

Support Staff

Administration Officer  Mrs D Smith
Finance/Administration Officer Mrs S Campbell
Education Support Staff Mrs J Shakespeare
Miss S Panesar
  Mrs C Griggs
  Miss N Mahal
  Miss L Konstantinov
  Mrs C Burnett
  Miss S Datlin
  Mrs S McShane
Mrs K Marden Powell
  Miss J Hooker
  Mrs L England
  Mr J Marney
  Mrs C Taylor
  Mrs T Loydall
  Mrs M Bungar
  Ms C Nulvesu
  Miss S Leach
  Mrs V Taylor
  Miss Z Humphryes 
Playground Experience Leader

 Mrs C McAllister


Mid Day Meals Supervisors  
  Mrs P Kinsey
  Mrs J Kumar
  Mrs S Duley
  Mrs D Paulson
Mrs K Marden Powell
  Mrs Bedi
  Mrs R Macey
  Miss S Panesar 
Site Manager Mr A Pepler
  Mr R Selves
  Mrs S Holden
   Mrs S Tyler
Mrs J Kumar
Mrs A Newman 
Road Crossing Patrol Mrs S Duley