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Term 6- Turrets and Tiaras 

In term 6 we will  continue our learning journey as we head into the topic of Turrets and Tiaras. 

We will be learning about  kings, queens and castles. We will be locating different castles in the UK and also learning the four countries, including the  capital cities for the UK and the surrounding seas.

We will also be finding answers to simple questions about the past using different sources.

We had a great time visiting Bodiam Castle! We learnt lots of interesting things and did some fun activities.

We had a tour of the castle and got to see where lots of different people would have worked, such as the cooks who had a huge kitchen and a big oven to feed the Lord and Lady!

We sat by the moat and sketched the castle, adding in lots of details such as the bricks and turrets.

We played some fun medieval games, including quoits.

We looked at lots of artefacts from the castle, such as armour and weapons. We also found out about the different people that worked and lived there, including servants, knights and archers.

It was a great day! Thank you to the grown ups that helped us and thank you to the people at Bodiam Castle for inviting us!

Class 8 had an amazing day at Bodiam castle.

We had a lovely day looking around the castle and learning lots of different facts.

Our favourite part was looking at where the old toilet used to be.

We really enjoyed sitting in front of the castle, looking at the moat and drawing it.

We had lots of fun playing different games at the castle, such as Jousting, Bowling, Quoits and Discus.

Our favourite game was the Jousting competition.

We liked looking at the replica artefacts and learning about life in a castle.

Our favourite part was holding and feeling the Chain Mail. It was really heavy!

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