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Happy Confident achievers

Term 4

Totally Terrific Toys!

In term 4 we will continue our learning journey as we dive into the topic of 'Totally Terrific Toys' which will include learning all about the history of toys and how they are made. 

The book we will be focusing on this term is called 'Knuffle Bunny' by Mo Willems.

We’ve had an amazing first day back at school.

We had our impact day for our new topic of ‘Totally Terrific Toys’.

We travelled to the different year 1 classes to carry out lots of different activities.

In class 5 we made finger puppets and shadow puppets.

In class 6 we used the computers to design a new toy or to recreate a picture of our favourite toy.

In class 7 we explored different old and new toys. We sorted pictures of them and we even got to play with real old and new toys too.

In class 8 we made a cone puppet. It was really tricky to make the cone the right size for our puppet to hide inside.

Take a look at our photo’s to see all the fun we had.

We’ve had a super time at our toy workshop. We had the opportunity to learn lots of facts about old Victorian toys and we compared them to the toys that we use today.

We learnt that Victorian toys were often made from wood, metal or china. We also learnt that they were made by hand and that they didn’t have electricity or batteries. We looked at some new toys and learnt that they are mainly made from plastic and they use batteries and some use electricity.

We had fun looking at the different toys and playing with the different toys.

Some of our favourite toys were the Spinning tops, China dolls, Wind up toys and the Puppets.

Class 5 have had a super start to term 4.  Our toys topic kicked off with a fun impact day where we visited each year one class and did different activities. This week we really enjoyed our toy workshop where we got to learn about and play with Victorian toys. We discovered that none of the toys were made of plastic or used batteries, which made them very different to our toys today. We also had a great time creating our own algorithms on Scratch which helped us tell a story. We have been enjoying the sunshine in our outside area too, and have been going on number hunts to make number bonds to 10 and 20 :)

In our D&T lessons we have been learning how to sew. We have made a bunny using a running stitch. We found it very tricky but enjoyed the challenge. We have also been learning how to make a toy dragon car. We coloured in our dragon and then we added on the wooden wheels.

For World Book week we have been looking at a book called ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker. We have designed our own page to add to the book. We had to carefully think about how we would travel to save the trapped bird in the story. We drew our scenario and then we went outside to paint, using water colours, chalk or colour in our pictures using the marker pens. We had a super time using different mediums to colour our pictures. 

Class 7 really enjoyed learning about toys old and new in our workshop. We used some of the old toys , they were tricky and we had to squeeze them hard to make them work. We also made our own  pop-up puppets and story telling puppet during our Toy Impact Day to start our new topic.   

Class 5 have loved our history lessons this term! We have been exploring old and new toys, and noticing the differences between them. We notices the old toys are made of materials like wood and metal, whereas new toys are often plastic. We also found out that some toys were played with by children a long time ago and are still used now, but they could be slightly different such as being a different material or being designed in a different way.

Class 5 loved world book day. We were inspired by the story Journey, by Aaron Becker. We created our own stories which we wrote during the week. We also made puppets for our stories so we could have fun telling it to or friends. Check out our great puppets and amazing costumes!

We had a brilliant day celebrating Maths day. We spent the whole day carrying out different Maths challenges.

In class 5 we learnt about Maths through Art. We used different 3D shapes to create a robot. We then named and counted the different shapes we had and how many of them we used.

In class 6 we read a story called ‘Double the Ducks’ and then we wrote and answered doubling number sentences in our Maths books.

In class 7 we explored lots of different Maths games. We had a fishing game where we had to pick a fish up and match the number on the fish to the number on the number tile. We had balls with numbers on and we had to sort them into odd and even numbers. We had a big target game where we threw a beanbag and counted our points. We also had many other games to play.

Finally in class 8 we had a ‘Money Bag’ problem where we had a number of coins and we had to find as many different combinations as we could by sharing out the coins into four different money bags.

We really enjoyed our day.

In our Computing lessons we have been learning how to use a programming programme called 'ScratchJr' on the Ipads. We have learnt how to move a sprite (character), by programming in some movements for the sprite. We have learnt how to change the background, we have learnt how to add sound and we have learnt how to add our faces to our characters too. We have had lots of fun experimenting with this new software and learning how to debug and solve problems when they have occurred. 

We  enjoyed wearing our red noses on Red Nose Day and this week we have also been learning how to use Scratch Jr on the ipads. We have learnt how to change characters and backgrounds and animate our adventures. 

Today in Maths we looked for 2d and 3d shapes in our environment.
We found 2d and 3d shapes in the outside area and in our classroom.
We named the 2d face of a 3d shape and we also named the 3d shape.
Take a look at the different shapes we found.

Class 5 have been very busy. We love exploring our outside area. We were builders, exploring 3D shapes to build a pyramid. Some of us used the phonics dice to think of long words. We also made a band and played music for the class, including lots of different instruments! We used some of the measuring resources to measure the length of the area, and searched the sand for hidden tricky words. Most of all, we LOVE our new camper van! We pretended to take a school trip to London Zoo and listed all the animals we would like to see.

In Design and Technology we made our very own rabbit teddies. We had to stick and draw on the facial features, then do some tricky sewing to join the two parts of the rabbit's head. Before we completely finished our stitch, we had to stuff it to make it nice and cuddly. Take a look at our cute toys and our super neat stitching!

We had an amazing day on our school trip to the Swattenden Activity Centre. We carried out the different challenges of: Hungry Hippo game, Moonwalk, Hoopla, Parachute, Nightline, Maze and Shapes, Minefields and Magic Carpets and Gutterball, Low Adventure Course and Flag Raiders.

Some of our favourite activities were the Hungry Hippo game, Gutterball, Nightline, Low Adventure Course and the Parachute.

Take a look at our pictures to see all the super activities we took part in.