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Term 2

Memory Box


In term 2  we will continue our learning journey as we dive into the topic of 'Memory Box' which will include learning all about the history of toys and how they are made. 

We will start our topic with a company coming into school and helping us to make a toy of our choice from wood. We will be using real tools to help us.  

Year 1, Term 2 Creative Curriculum Newsletter

Year 1 have had a super exciting start to our term 2 topic of ‘Memory Box’. We had a toy workshop company come in and we got to find out lots of different facts about old and new toys. We got to see some old and new toys and hold and play with them.

The best part of the day was making our very own wooden toy. There were lots of different wooden toys that we could make. We got to use the hand drill and hammer to help us. We had a fantastic time colouring in and decorating our toy and joining it together. We got to learn about different forces for example the push and pull force. We also learnt a little bit about gravity and how these different forces help the toys to work.

Have a look at our pictures to see what toys we made. 

We’ve had a super time learning how to use a running stitch to sew our smiley face characters. We found it tricky at first but got better at it with the help of our teachers. We had to thread the needle ourselves and try to sew the two pieces of material together, remembering to go through each hole.

Take a look at our funky smiley character friends.

Class 8 have had a super time on our tour around Gravesend. We were even lucky enough to go inside the St George’s Church. We loved learning lots of different facts about Pocahontas and Gravesend. We really enjoyed looking at the boats on the River Thames.

One of our favourite parts was going to the Fort Gardens and taking pictures on the Cannon balls.


Class 7 had a super time visiting Gravesend. We loved seeing the Pocahontas statue; we couldn't believe how big it was! We loved walking along the river and watching the boats. Our favourite part was going into the Fort Gardens and looking at the guns! Thank you to all of the grown ups who looked after us on our trip! :) 

Class 5 enjoyed learning all about Gravesend on our recent trip we learnt all about Pocahontas and the guns in Fort Gardens. We have also been  learning how to find a quarter of a number by sharing it into four equal numbers. In geography we have used tally charts to gather data about our school environment finding out the different coloured cars  in the staff car park. 

Class 7 have had fun learning about measure this week. We started with weighing where we investigated which objects were heavier and lighter. Then we found out all about capacity and ordered containers from the biggest to smallest capacity. We did a really fun activity where we predicted how big of a puddle a container could make when it was at full capacity. Some of our predictions were really close!

Class 7 have had fun continuing our learning around measure. We explored using rulers and verbally saying the length in centimetres. We measured each other's fingers, noses, ears and lots of things around the classroom! We have also had a great time in Art learning about the artist Paul Klee. He makes faces that look very unusual, so we had a go at making our own funny faces using a collage technique!

Class 5 have been learning all about measure this term. We applied our new skills when we made peppermint creams. We had to carefully measure the ingredients such as the icing sugar and peppermint extract. It was lots of fun and was very messy!

Please find below the homework tasks for Term 2. You may complete all of them or as many as you like. If you need any support please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Year 1 team.


Here is a useful link to find out more about toys. You can read information and play interactive games! 


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