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Welcome to Year 1, Term 1

Moon Zoom!


In term 1 we will be starting our learning journey finding out information about Space.

We’ll travel through space to learn about the Solar System and we’ll investigate an alien crash site. We will try to find the aliens who have landed. Where could they be? We’ll make models of the Solar System and design spaceships, space buggies and space-related toys.

Class 7 have had a brilliant start to Year 1 and our Moon Zoom topic! We had an exciting impact day where we created space pictures on the laptops, ordered fruit and compared their sizes to the planets and created solar system pictures and papier mache planets. The most exciting part of the day was finding a spaceship in our garden! We really wanted to find the alien so we also made some traps to try catching it.

Year 1, Term 1 Creative Curriculum Newsletter

Class 8 had a super first week back at school with lots of fun practical activities. We learnt lots about space. On our impact day we made some Papier Mache planets, we hunted for clues which lead us to a spaceship that had crashed! We used fruit to help us understand the different sizes of the planets and we learnt the order of them. We know that the sun is actually a star. We also had a visit from a space dome where we learnt many more facts. We really enjoyed meeting an ‘alien’ who took us through the solar system.

We had a super time in our Art afternoon learning all about hot and cold colours and colour mixing. We looked at a hot and cold colour wheel and created our own. We learnt that by mixing the primary colours (Red, Yellow and Blue), we could create other colours like Purple, Orange and Green. We then used this information to paint our own planet and we discussed whether it was a hot or cold planet.

We also learnt about different paint strokes and how we could create different patterns using our paint brush.

We had a super time in our Art lessons learning about Alberto Giacometti. We looked at different masterpieces created by him and we tried to recreate our very own versions using Tin Foil. We tried to make our models tall and thin, just like he did!

This Term in Class 5 we have been looking at the solar system using non-fiction books and making plasticine models of planets. We have also been learning about money recognising coins and adding with them.

Please find below the 12 activities you may wish to carry out with your child as part of their home learning. 

Year 1 have been learning how to tell the time to the hour.

In Class 5 we have been learning about time- o'clock and half past. We have also been sorting materials and using scientific vocabulary to describe them. We have been learning about circuits and using batteries , wires and bulbs to create a circuit and light up our bulbs.