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Happy Confident achievers

Year 2 Term 2

To Infinity and Beyond!

Our Topic this term is 'To infinity and beyond' where we will be exploring everything to do with Space.

We will be researching the Solar System and using this as a stimulus for fiction and non-fiction writing.

We will be using different sources of evidence to research ‘The Space Race’ that occurred between Russia and America to be the first country to land on the moon.

With the Earth as a focus we will also look at the physical and human features of our planet and use these to help us design a new planet.

We will be starting our topic with an exciting 'astronaut training' day.

What do you know about astronauts?  Have a look at the link below to find out more.




We kicked off our new topic with an exciting impact day! We became investigators and found out as much information about Tim Peake as we could, we tested materials to see which one would work best to make a parachute, we carried out some astronaut fitness activities and created our own soundtrack to a rocket launch.  We had lots of fun!

Class 9 enjoyed their astronaut training on impact day. We performed space music, exciting exercises, found out information about Tim Peake and created parachutes. Look at all our amazing learning...

We have had a fantastic time learning about the Moon landing in 1969. The children have found out about how Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins trained for their journey, their blast off in the Saturn V rocket and how it took 3 days to get to the Moon. We role played their story in groups of 3 and enjoyed recreating the famous Moon landing and putting the flag on the surface on the Moon.

In Art we have been looking at different techniques we can use to create different effects. We have looked at  dabbing, stippling and thick and thin brush strokes.  We used these techniques to create a background for a picture we are working on in the style of Peter Thorpe.  Can you see which techniques we have used?

Rocket Making Day

  1. We designed our rocket and listed our resources.
  2. We practised different techniques to create flaps, joins and cones.
  3. With help from our adults, we created our rockets using a variety of different materials.

We were really lucky to have some special visitors to Year 2 who enabled us to experience the solar system via an AR(Augmented Reality) headset.  We got to look closely at different planets and were even able to walk around them! We all agreed it was an amazing experience!

We held an art gallery at the end of term to showcase our fantastic Peter Thorpe inspired pictures.   We were so proud of our finished products. Thank you to everyone who came.