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Happy Confident achievers

Year 2 2019-2020 

Term 1

Welcome to Year 2!

Our topic for Term 1 is 'Senses and Spices'.

We will be exploring the delicious Asian foods, the rich and colourful fashions, looking at the Indian folk tale "The Tiger Child' and learning about the Sikh religion. 

We will also be building on our geographical skills using maps, globes and atlases to locate India and countries within the continent of Asia and comparing them to the UK.

Click on the Indian flag below to find out some interesting facts about India.


Term 1 Curriculum Newsletter

We started our topic with a fantastic dance workshop around the story of 'The Ramayana'.  We had lots of fun doing the different moves and doing it to music.

We used iPads and atlases to locate India on a map and found out information about the country. Follow the link for more information on India: 

A visitor named Phil came into school this week and shared all his knowledge and photos from his time in India. He talked about the Taj Mahal and Indian clothing, we had a great time seeing his photos and feeling the sari.

We had so much fun making our own vegetable curry.  We peeled, chopped and grated a variety of vegetables and cooked them for four hours in a slow cooker.  Then we all tasted our curry and thought it was delicious!

As part of our Geography work , we looked at the area around our school on google maps and identified all of the landmarks.  Then we planned a route from our school that would take us past some of them.  Then we followed our route and walked around our local area.  We noticed lots of things.  Do you know what solar panels are?