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Happy Confident achievers

Year 2 Term 2 2019

Our topic for Term 2 is 'Truly Scrumptious'.

We will be reading and writing recipes, making and tasting food, learning the basic principles of healthy eating and looking at where our food comes from.

We will also be developing our design skills by creating our own chocolate bars and packaging.  We will learn about which countries cacao beans are grown in, the process of how chocolate is made as well as learning about the history of chocolate.

We will be exploring poetry about food, the different vocabulary used to describe it and writing our own stories about The Magic Porridge Pot.

We can't wait to get started!

Click on the picture of chocolate below to watch a video of how chocolate is made.

Term 2 Curriculum Newsletter 2019

To begin our topic we visited different classrooms to learn more about chocolate. We found out about where chocolate comes from and ordered a timeline of the development of chocolate. We discussed a balanced diet and conducted some chocolate taste tests. We even investigated which chocolate would melt the quickest when we held it in our hands.

We have been practising our telling the time skills in class by making our own hoop clock. We wrote the 12 hours on post-it notes and used long and short hands to make different times. Perhaps you could practise telling the time at o'clock, half past, quarter past / to at home.

After reading George's Marvellous Medicine we had a go at creating a medicine by following a recipe. We had to read the amount of liquid needed from each ingredient. We used funnels, measuring cylinders and measuring jugs to create our medicine and read the capacity in millilitres (ml). Next time you do some cooking at home, try pouring the correct amount of liquid into your recipe.

We have been learning the delicious story of The Magic Porridge Pot in class. We walked in one day and found porridge all over the classroom and PC Teacher explained that the magic pot had gone missing. To help find the pot we had to rewrite the story of The Magic Porridge Pot using our best handwriting, correct spellings and adjectives to help with our descriptions. Once our stories were complete we created a front cover then visited Year R to read our stories to them.

In class we have been learning about a balanced diet and today we created our own healthy pizzas. We loved chopping, slicing and spreading the ingredients and then we took our pizzas home to taste. Yum!

Come rain or … rain, we had a fantastic time in Forest School this week. We created a waterproof den, a leaf sculpture and discussed the changing season.