Shears Green Infant School

Our School will open to all pupils on Monday 8th March 2021. Stay Home......Protect the NHS.......Save Lives. School is open for critical workers and vulnerable children today. Our updated risk assessment is available under the more tab, parents tab. Under the Parent tab you will also be able to find the NHS Track and Trace Link.

Happy Confident achievers


We hope you are all well and staying safe. Please click the following link to find an activity sheet for your child to do at home.


We will be uploading video lessons daily from Monday.


Mrs Perry has a special video for all of the Reception children to watch.



Mrs Coleman has read a story for the children. After your child has listened to the story, try and ask questions around the book to improve comprehension skills. e.g. Why did the animals have different houses? Who were the animals the mouse met? Could you draw a Gruffalo?

Todays story is from Mr Watts. He is reading 'Charlie Cooks Favourite Book'. Ask your child if they have a favourite book. Why is it their favourite? What happens in it? What is your favourite part? Your child might also like to hear what your favourite book was when you were little!

We would love to hear how everyone is getting on in this difficult time. If you would like to let us know what your child has been doing, whether its the activities we have set or to update us on anything else, please email us on the following class email addresses.

We have more activities for your child to do for the next week on the following link.