Shears Green Infant School

Our School will open to all pupils on Monday 8th March 2021. Stay Home......Protect the NHS.......Save Lives. School is open for critical workers and vulnerable children today. Our updated risk assessment is available under the more tab, parents tab. Under the Parent tab you will also be able to find the NHS Track and Trace Link.

Happy Confident achievers

Friday 13th November

Welcome to your final set of lessons for the week. We hope you have enjoyed them but more importantly we hope you are safe and well. We can’t wait to see you all on Monday!


If you have joined us early today you might have time to join Joe Wicks as he finishes his 24 hours PE challenge which ends at 9:15am.



If you follow this next link it will take you to a page filled with fun Children in Need activities. We would love to hear about what you get up to today so feel free to email your class teachers!


This week there have been a lot of special days including Remembrance day on the 11th of November. Here is a short video your children can watch. Afterwards perhaps your child could draw and colour their own Poppy? If you have any family who have served I'm sure your child would love to hear about them.


This week also marks the start of Diwali which is the Hindu Festival of Lights. This begins on Saturday and we will learn more about it next week. If you would like to know more before we are back in school there are some lovely videos about Diwali in the following link.





Here is your final phonics lesson from Mrs Perry.

We hope you have enjoyed your Dough Disco lessons. Here’s the final one.

Next we have your Maths having another look at numbers to 10.

You can find today's Big Book lesson in the next 2 videos.

Finally a story from Mrs Shakespear. Remember you can ask your child questions about the story and even get them to think of questions for you to try and answer. Who, what, why, when, where and how.