Shears Green Infant School

Thank you to all parents for adhering to our staggered times. Please remember social distancing of two metres still applies on the school site. We have updated our Coronavirus Risk Assessment - this can be found under the Parent Link.Under the Parent Link you will also be able to find the NHS Track and Trace Link.

Happy Confident achievers

Monday 18th May

Weekly Plan


Resources to support Maths lesson

 10x fact families.pdfDownload
 2x fact families.pdfDownload
 5x fact families.pdfDownload
 Snappy Maths Counting in 10s.pdfDownload
 Snappy Maths Counting in 2s.pdfDownload
 Snappy Maths Counting in 5s.pdfDownload
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SPaG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar)

Resources to support SPaG lesson

 verbs 2.pdfDownload
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Polite notice: Today's Science lesson will cover food chains.

Resources to support Science lesson

 L3 Food Chains.docxDownload
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Resources to support Reading lesson

 18.05.20 Reading work.docxDownload
 The boy who grew dragons text week 2.docxDownload
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