Shears Green Infant School

We look forward to welcoming you on Friday 8th July 2022 at 1.30pm for our Sports Day event.

Happy Confident achievers

Snow Day Activities

Key Stage One Activities

 Please see a list of activities below that can be completed in the event of a school closure due to adverse weather conditions.


Read your reading book or share some books on bug club. 

Write a book review on your reading book or your favourite story at home to share with your friends at school. 

Click on the picture for a template to print.

See the source image  

Practise your Maths skills on You could practise your counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication or division as well as developing your knowledge on shape and money. 

Create your own poem about snow.  Click on the picture to use a template or use your own idea!

Image result for snowflake clipart

 Get active! Complete the table on the picture below with how many things you can do in a minute. 

Can you do it twice and beat your score?Image result for star jump clipart