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Happy Confident achievers

Term 4


Our topic for Term 4 will be "Julia Donaldson' and we will be basing lots of our work around her amazing books. Please find the curriculum newsletter below detailing all of the areas of the curriculum we will be covering.


In Maths this term we have been recapping our online learning of measuring. We practised measuring length in centimeters and weight in grams. We measured different parts of our body using rulers accurately and measured the mass of different amounts of cubes using balance scales. We then compared the measurements using < > and = symbols.

In Computing this week we remembered how to stay safe online by watching a Jessie and Friends video. We also created a factual PowerPoint about our favourite Julia Donaldson book. We created a title page and added an audio file to the slide. We enjoyed recording our facts and playing them back to our peers.

In English we enjoyed learning The Snail and Whale story by Julia Donaldson. We explored the settings, where the story took place, and practised our expanded noun phrases to describe the locations. In these pictures, we pretended to be the tiny snail and discuss what we could see, hear and feel in each setting.

We have been learning about illustrators in Art this term, with a focus on Quentin Blake (who illustrated the Roald Dahl books) and Axel Scheffler (who has illustrated many Julia Donaldson books). We practised drawing with pens an illustration of ourselves as a character. Then we carefully used water colour paint to blend and fill our illustrations. We loved watching videos of the famous illustrators at work for inspiration.

We have also focused on the story of The Magic Paintbrush written by Julia Donaldson. We wrote predictions on what we thought would happen in the story and then explored the main characters. We found out there is a hero called Shen and an evil Emperor. We shared new vocabulary to describe these characters focusing on their looks and their personality. We used exciting adjectives such as thoughtful, spiteful, cruel, kind, greedy and selfish to describe the characters.