Shears Green Infant School

Thank you to all parents for adhering to our staggered times. Please remember social distancing of two metres still applies on the school site. We have updated our Coronavirus Risk Assessment - this can be found under the Parent Link.Under the Parent Link you will also be able to find the NHS Track and Trace Link.

Happy Confident achievers

Diary of our ducklings - click on the pictures to enlarge.

Meet the ducklings . . . . .

Look at them now!

Five weeks old and settled into Warren Farm.....

Day Twenty

This is us enjoying a swim back at school.

Tonight we are off to our new how - Warren Farm in Shorne.

Watch out for pictures as we grow older as we think some of your teachers will visit us!

Day Nineteen

Today is the last day of the holidays, a little bit colder today so only a short stay outside. We have enjoyed our time on holiday, we have certainly been spoilt. It's off to school tomorrow where we hope you will all be able to visit us and see for yourselves how much we have grown before we go off to the farm to live.

Day Eighteen

Weigh day.....

Daniel - 610g                  Hannah - 580g               Lauren - 430g              Sarah - 445g

    We have all multiplied our weight by at least 7 in 2 weeks!!!!!!

Day Seventeen

We have been growing a great deal over the past week - so much so we can now look over the yellow barrier you can see in the photo's (when we stretch up!)

If you look carefully you will see our tail and wing feathers are developing and beginning to look more like a proper feather - we are also becoming less yellow. We haven't found our 'quack' yet though?

As we have got bigger we have also discover ways of escaping! We do like to wander but nobody seems to like the mess we leave as we go! As the weather has been nice we have spent most of the day outside enjoying the sunshine.

Weigh day tomorrow - how much this week????

Look how much we have changed.........


Photo shoot in the April sunshine,

Day Eleven

Weigh day.....

Daniel - 281g                  Hannah - 255g               Lauren - 196g              Sarah - 207g

     +200g                               +188g                             +143g                       +146g 

As you can see we eat a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day Eight

Sunshine and fresh air ........

Day Seven

A few cute photo's you haven't seen . . . . . . . . . . .

Day Six

Today the sun was shining and we swam ....... we really do swim that fast!

Day Five

Today we were weighed.

Daniel - 81g                   Hannah - 67g               Lauren - 53g              Sarah - 61g

How much weight do you think we will have put on by next Saturday?

Day Four

Whilst being cleaned out we escaped..........................we didn't go far, the floor was slippery!

Day Three

A day of new experiences .........

Day Two

Paddling in the drinking water

The day starts off with a move and more food!!!!!!

Day One

Our first day together is spent in Class 3, we had over 300 visitors come to see us throughout the day!

After a tiring day at school it is off on our holidays........ and a good nights sleep.