Shears Green Infant School

We look forward to welcoming you on Friday 8th July 2022 at 1.30pm for our Sports Day event.

Happy Confident achievers

Friday 8th January

 Please find the lessons for Friday below.   Completed work can be emailed to your class teacher via the class email.  Please see these below.

There are two links that will take you to the same lesson or activity.  If you find Link 1 is not working, then please use Link 2.


Link 1. Link 2

Maths Resources

Maths Activity Link 1

Maths Activity Link 2


If you have completed the Maths learning successfully, please find an extension lesson available here:

Greater Depth Lesson Link 1

Greater Depth Lesson Link 2

Greater Depth Resources

Greater Depth Activity Link 1

Greater Depth Activity Link 2


Phonics 1 Lesson

(Please note this lesson is for children who scored 31 or below in the phonics screening.)

Phonics 1 Link 1

Phonics 1 Link 2 


Phonics 2 Lesson

(Please note this lesson is for children who scored 32 or above in the phonics screening.)

Phonics 2 Link 1

Phonics 2 Link 2 



Link 1

Link 2


English Resources

Diary templates Link 1

Diary templates Link 2

Fire of London Word Mat Link 1

Fire of London Word Mat Link 2

Common Exception Words Link 1

Common Exception Words Link 2


There are two handwriting videos today.  Please choose the video most appropriate for your child.


Handwriting 1- Individual letters

Link 1

Link 2


Handwriting 2- Joining letters

Link 1

Link 2



Please use your reading time today to read a book on Bug Club by visiting-

Your child's class teacher has allocated books on Bug Club for your child to read at home at their reading level.  Please contact your child's class teacher if you are unsure of your child's login details.



Link 1

Link 2


Music Resources

Song words Link 1

Song words Link 2


Story time with Miss Dyett

Link 1

Link 2