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Year 2 Online Learning

Week 1- 05.01.21-08.01.21

Welcome back to Term 3! We are really excited to be starting our Term 3 topic of'Horrible Histories.'

All of this week's online learning can be found here. Please click on the subject title to find the video for each lesson.  Resources to support each lesson can be found underneath each video link.

Please note there will be two phonics lessons available per day.  Please choose the most appropriate lesson for your child.

Below is a timetable of lessons that will be provided each day this week.

If you have any queries about the online learning please don't hesitate to contact your child's class teacher.

Tuesday 5th January

 Important - If you find Link 1 is not working then please try Link 2


Maths 1 - Link 1   Link 2

Maths 1 Resources

Maths Activity - Link 1    Link 2


If you have completed the Maths 1 learning successfully, please find an extension lesson available here.

Maths Greater Depth Lesson


Phonics 1 - Link 1   Link 2

(Please note this lesson is for children who scored 31 or below in the phonics screening.)

Phonics 1 Resources

Read and Roll Game


Phonics 2  Link 1  Link 2

(Please note this lesson is for children who scored 32 or above in the phonics screening.)


Impact Lesson 1- Sources of Information   Link 1    Link 2


Handwriting  Link 1        Link 2


Reading  Link 1       Link 2

Reading Resources

Meerkat Information File


Impact Lesson 2-Timeline of the Great Fire of London   Link 1      Link 2

Impact Lesson 2 Resources

Great Fire of London Timeline powerpoint   Link 1    Link 2

Timeline activity   Link 1      Link 2

Timeline activity 2    Link 1    Link 2